The economic indicators that decides growth of a country

The economical growth of a country is very important factor because when there is a gradual growth, it can provide all the facilities to its citizens. It can also meet the eligibility to trade with different countries without any difficulties. The people should learn about the economics about their country and it will help them to explore its opportunities. The economical status of a country is measured using different components and its ups & downs are predicted using the indicators. Many people do not have the awareness about the indicators and here they can find some informative facts about it. The economy of the country will not be constant and that will face some ups and downs due to various reasons. However, the economic indicators help the economists to predict them.

What is an economic indicator?

It is a statistic about the economic activities of a country and allows the analysis of economic performance. The future performance of a country can be predicted using these indicators. The study of the business cycle is an application of economic indicator. The economic articles are measurable factors that changes before the economy of a country starts to follow a specific trend or pattern. These are used to predict the changes in the economy but the users should understand that it cannot be 100% accurate. The leading indicators change frequently based on the economic adjustments. However, it is very useful to predict the upcoming trends of the market and helpful for analyzing the economy of a country.

Leading indicators and its descriptions:

Here, the readers can find some of the economic articles  of a country. These indicators play a main role in deciding the ups & downs in the economy.   

  • Stock Market: Some of the experts claim that it is not most important indicator but majority of the people look for it first. The stock prices will change frequently and sometimes it may give the bubbles, which gives false positive in the direction of the market.
  • Manufacturing Activity: It has a main role in the Gross Domestic Product of a country. When a country is able to make more products by their own then it causes a good influence in their economy. It also increases the employment rate to the country.
  • Inventory levels: The levels of inventory can reflect two different possibilities. Either the demand for the inventory will increase or it causes the lack of current demand. The more inventory can causes more supply to the country and the products can be purchased in cheap rates.
  • Retail sales: It is an important metric, which is close with the manufacturing activity and with the inventory levels. The increase of the retail sales will directly increase the rate of GDP. So, that the value of the currency will improve. Similarly, it also increases the opportunities to various sectors.
  • The building permits, Housing market and the level of new start-up business are also the leading indicators that improve the economy of a country.




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